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“One thing you can’t get or replicate in any club or group is the close bond as brothers we share. I love the fact that no matter the time or place, there will always be a Brother selfless enough to help.”

– Jing “Nexus” Bao


“I saw an opportunity to develop not only myself but something that was bigger than any one individual. I wanted to be able to look back at my college career and say I took full advantage of what Greek Life had to offer and have a brotherhood, a family, that would last me way beyond just college.”

– Max “Zuko” Kohutich


“Being a brother of Nu Alpha Phi means that you can talk to any brother, present or past, without hesitation or awkwardness. There is a world of connections in different veins of the world present in Nu Alpha Phi, and they are all within your grasp."

– Karun “Avatar” Sekhar

News and Events

985 Greek Formal

Winter Formals!

Annual Brotherhood Formal

Nu Alpha Phi Chapter Greek

Chapter Wars 2018!

Annual Brotherhood Sports Event!

Brotherhood Stevens

Neo Retreat!

Annual Brotherhood Camping Event!

Stevens Institute of Technology Workshop

Self-Defense Workshop

Cohosted with Omega Phi Beta Sorority Inc.

Stevens CGC Greek Event

Stevens CGC Showcase

Greek Unity Event

NAPex Naphi SIT

N.A.Pex for Youth

Benefit Concert


We are the Theta Chapter of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. founded here on September 21st, 2008. We are an Asian interest but not an Asian exclusive Brotherhood. We stand proudly honoring the 7 principles of our fraternity including Brotherhood, Discipline, Leadership, Pride, Professionalism, Service, and Unity. Though we are steadily increasing, we do not pride ourselves shallowly on numbers, but in remaining true to the fundamentals that the Founding Fathers have passed down to us, being exclusive to those who truly deserve to belong to such an outstanding group of men, those who are accurate representations of our Seven Principles, and those who really have a powerful urge to don and represent the Greek letters that we deem sacred. Don’t be shy, meet our brothers, come out to our Rush events and see if you are meant to be a part of an entity that will go beyond your college years, a genuine Brotherhood for life.

Rush is Non-Obligatory - Rides will be provided.


General Interest Meeting

Learn more about what makes Nu Alpha Phi the tighest brotherhood.

Nu Alpha Phi Active House

Meet the Brothers

Get to know the brothers of the active house!

Asian Interest Greek Unity


Meet, network, and mingle with the sisters of an all-inclusive Greek life!


  • SIT Roots


    Our Humble Beginnings

    On March 18th, 1994 eight great men founded the first chapter of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. at SUNY Albany.

  • SITNAPHI Chapter


    A Legend is Born

    On September 21st, 2008, eight bold men founded the eighth chapter of Nu Alpha Phi Fraternity Inc. at Stevens Institute of Technology.

  • SIT Greek Brotherhood


    Where we are Now ...

    The fraternity professes to create a bond of brotherhood passed down from generation to generation, including lasting relationships between alumni and currently active members.

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